Glasgow Office Cleaning Company 

Property One are based in Glasgow and we offer a tailored cleaning service to suit every need.

Why is it that cleaning companies so often get it wrong?

Poor quality staff, lack of supervision, no follow up, regular missed cleans and this even before we talk about the cleaning standards!

The chances are you use a cleaning service currently and I believe that it would be worthwhile for you to look at the service Property One can provide you, if not for just now then perhaps to hold on file for future reference.

We have not lost a cleaning account through poor service for over three years now and we have a very reliable, efficient and professional service and our prices are transparent as you can see below. You can simply choose the level of cleaning you require to suit your budget or to match your existing requirements.

We have excellent account managers who audit your account bi-monthly, all staff are uniformed and paid above the national minimum wage and you have an open invitation to speak to any or all of our existing clients to take a reference on our service.


Generally speaking we are very confident we can offer you an improved cleaning service and would simply like the opportunity to speak to you more about it should you be interested.

Please contact us for prices to make a comparison to what you currently pay.