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Glasgow General Builders

Reliable General Builders are not always easy to find.

In an ideal world you will find one who is well established, experienced, professional and willing to work both with you and for you to achieve a result which comes in within budget, on time and to a high standard.

Our service is not just about getting the job done, getting paid and getting away again.  We are with your for the long term hopefully, a long term relationship is more important to us than a one off job.

As an established all trades employer we have a successful low overheads business which allows us to pass on savings to each of our clients, we specialise in commercial build clients, whether it be office, housing association, insurance repair or industrial.  However we also work regular with residential clients on various building projects from design to conception..

Please note we do not take payment in advance for any of our works..only when the job is complete and you are satisfied.

Get in touch to discuss your next build project.

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